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Non Omnis Moriar

Omnia Mea Mecum Porto


Once upon a time I had a lengthy biography here. Once upon a time I had over 300 people reading my journal and vice versa. Once upon a time I spent 8+ hours a day keeping up with all that.

This is not that time.

Most of my entries are public. I do not add people because they add me; I add you if I want to read what you have to say, you should do the same. I both add and drop people fairly casually, if you don't post for a while, if I don't read what you post, if I'm having a bad day, etc... it's never personal. ^_^

If you need basic info about me, I'm a dude who loves the outdoors, works in IT, will act all kinds of retarded to make you laugh, believes that life is more than living and that honesty is the best policy. I am also adept at seeing lines but usually prefer to ignore them >;D I say bad things meant in jest; humor is how I deal with life. I am syncretistic in nature and am therefore loathsome of "we are right, everyone else is wrong" types of thinking.

Title/sub-title: Not all of me shall die/everything of mine, with me I carry.

Oh yea, If you think "thunk" is a word I will hunt you down and stab you in the eye until blood pours out of your ears.

"It is the mark of an intelligent man to entertain an idea in which he does not believe" - Aristotle


"the pioneer, builder, doer,

You create what is needed for future generations.
You have a deep love for adventure, travel,
change, the creative process, setting new
things in motion, and changing both internally
and externally. You have a great gift of
visionary perception, an eye for what is and is
not working.

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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Canis lupus, Chiroptera, Panthera